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Moon S. Lee Evolution Martial Arts

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I dare you to do these three things
with your children today...

1. Make them smile.

2. Be imperfect! Show your kids that
it's OKAY to make mistakes. It's how
you respond to those mistakes that

3. Be enthusiastic. With so many
apathetic people out there - show
your kids that it's COOL to be

p.s. If your child isn't enrolled in our
martial arts program that teaches
discipline, focus, respect & FUN...
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Friday, October 19, 2012

3 Great Workouts You Can Do With ZERO Equipment.

A lot of people avoid exercise for a lot of reasons. Here are two of the most common...

- "I don't know what exercises to do"
- "I don't know where to start"
- "I don't know how to use the equipment in the gym"
- "Exercise and just running on the treadmill is boring"

The thing is, there are tons of exercises you could do without a single piece of equipment. In fact, there are so many great ones you could probably do a different routine every day of your life and never run out.

Here are a few routines to get you started:

- Jog for 1:30
- Sprint for 0:30

Repeat this 5 times for an awesome, intense 10 minute workout...

- Crunches for 0:30
- Pushups for 0:30
- Squats for 0:30
- Jumping jacks for 0:30

Repeat 3-5 times for a 6 to 10 minute workout.

- Sprint for 0:30
- 15 pushups
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 lunges

Repeat 3-5 times (whatever your body can handle)

Mix and match these exercises and you already have a lot of variety. Pick new places to run and you have another source of variety too. The important thing is to just get out there and make it happen.

The hardest part of working out is showing up. Make the commitment, show up, and you'll thank yourself later.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wish I knew earlier

Just a few thousand years ago, our
ancestors were hiding in caves,
huddled together for warmth &

Every day was a matter of life or death.

Doesn't it make sense that our society
would have some pretty deep-set
issues around fear and success?

With that said, it doesn't mean we can't
turn those issues around. It starts with
what you tell your own children, today.

Here are two things every kid needs to

1. You're fine the way you are.

You are who you are, and that's good
enough. I love you no matter what.

2. You can't control others.

Being nice to others doesn't mean they'll
be nice to you. Being respectful doesn't
mean you'll get respect.

Don't sweat it when someone's nasty
toward you. It has nothing to do with you,
or who you are.

Be kind & respectful anyway.

To great success,
James Lee
6th Degree Black Belt 

Moon S. Lee Evolution Martial Arts
43-08 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 726-9400

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Fastest Way to Get What You Want in Life.

We all have goals, dreams, things we want to accomplish. Most of us simply don’t know how to get there though. We hit our heads against the wall, wondering why our dreams aren’t coming true.

Maybe your goals are fitness-related, career-related, family-related, or something completely different. Whatever they are, I have one word of advice for you that I truly believe works - no matter what you’re after:

Get out of your comfort zone. Let me explain...

Imagine in the future there’s a version of you that has exactly what you want. Wouldn’t you agree that your future self has different habits, a different lifestyle, and a different way of going about life than you do?

Following this logic, doesn’t it make sense that to become this future person, you have to start changing those very same habits, lifestyle choices and attitudes now... in order for them to grow into your future self?

If you’re with me this far, then it becomes clear that there is only one way to make these changes: and that is to get out of your comfort zone. The habits, choices you make and attitudes you have right now are producing the results you currently have in your life.

What you think, feel, and do on a daily basis is your current comfort zone. By making even small changes to your daily regimen, you can start to grow into who you truly want to be. Do you want to be happier? When you look in the mirror, give yourself compliments. Do things that you imagine a happy person would do - even if they seem strange or scary. Smile at more people. Start warm conversations more often. Give others compliments. Do you want to lose weight? Order different foods, or go to completely different restaurants and grocery stores.

These changes will feel uncomfortable - but that’s the point. What you’re comfortable with right now produces the results you currently have in your life. To change, you have to do things that feel scary, uncomfortable and maybe even weird. But years from now, when you’ve completely changed your attitudes, habits and beliefs about who you are, and what you can accomplish - you’ll look back and thank your past self for making those changes.